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17:28 / HD Video / 2017

In a peat bog in North West England a Spanish woman was murdered, her body buried and subsumed into the treacherously dense ecological matter. A matter which labours have extracted for centuries, selling this fertile material as fuel worldwide; a material which upon burning releases timeless carbon deposits into our increasingly precarious and damaged ecosphere. After laying dormant under the rich dark peat for an unknown amount of time a body returned to the surface but its identity had become dislocated; it has become entwined with the history of its material host.

Taking the real life disappearance of Malika Maria De Fernandez along with the global trade of fossil fuels as an poignant opening, “Shouting at the Ground” is an agricultural & archaeological murder mystery circling around a void, oscillating it’s images and sounds between states of violent networked embodiment and pitch black absence, of burial and exhumation.


European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrück, DE, 2018
New Work: Graeme Arnfield Shouting at the Ground, LUX, London, UK, 2018
Moscow Experimental Film Festival, Moscow, RUS, 2018
November Film Festival, UK, 2018
Antimatter Media Art, Victoria BC, CA, 2018
Kasseler Dokfest, Kassel, DE, 2018



EMAF Award, European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrück, DE, 2018

"Graeme Arnfield’s work “Shouting at the Ground” impressed the jury on account of the particular methods it uses to unearth film material and stories. They combine latent and lethal elements of a centuries-old story of human and environmental disasters, stated the jury. “There is lightness and even humour in the way seemingly far fetched associations are made between the different materials that compose this video triptych. And yet as the film unfolds, we get submerged and almost suffocated under the different layers of depth it reveals. After all, every single piece of this carefully manufactured puzzle proves to have direct physical, social and ecological consequences". 9%3A die Preisträger.html

Shouting At The Ground (Still 3).tiff
Shouting at the Ground (Still 4).tiff
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