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11:12 / HD Video / 2016

"Somewhere nearby is Colossal Cave. Magic is said to work in the cave. I will be your eyes and hands."

Excavated from the world’s largest cave system “Colossal Cave” is a love letter from the prehistory of the Internet. Retracing the production of a pioneering video game the film finds in its debris the blueprints of our contemporary digital network and the emotional remapping of the world. Compiled from amateur caving videos found online, these sources are relocated inside a history of geological representation, adaptation and redistribution.





Videonale.scope, Cologne, DE, 2019

Alternative Film/Video, Belgrade, RS, 2019



Its origins are indeterminate, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK, 2018

Zukünfte des Kinos - Kinos der Zukunft, Kinemathek Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, DE, 2018



International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NLD, 2017
Sonic Acts Festival: The Noise of Being, Amsterdam, NLD, 2017
European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrück, DE, 2017
Antimatter Media Art, Victoria BC, CA, 2017
Open City Documentary Festival, London, UK, 2017
Speleogenesis, Queensland Film Festival, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, AUS, 2017
Fracto, Berlin, DE, 2017
Homebody (four films by Graeme Arnfield), Nocturnal Reflections, Milan, ITA, 2017
DIGITALE_NARRATIONEN part #2 betwixt_&_between, Raumstation, Zürich, CHE, 2017
Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham, UK, 2017



Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, Berwick, UK, 2016  (World Premiere)
Kasseler Dokfest, Kassel, DE, 2016

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